At St. Stephen Catholic School, we provide young children the Catholic foundation they need to make it in life. We offer the best quality education with an emphasis on social, cultural and religious awareness. We inculcate in the minds of our very young students the significance of attending the Sabbath and receiving all the Sacraments to receive the full grace of God.

Founded by the Jesuit priests in the early 1950’s, St. Stephen Catholic School was originally just for boys. Since 1965, they began accepting girls into their curriculum, paving way for one of the first co-ed Catholic schools in the country. During this time, the school grew from 500 students to 3,000 students enrolled per year. This year the enrollment is up to 12,000.

This shows you the steady growth of the school and how it has evolved throughout the years to what it has become today-a center of excellence for continuing Catholic education. Our dedication to quality education is matched only by our desire to develop and shape the future of responsible, God-fearing citizens of the future.

We continue to carry out the school’s mission to educate the youth of today the Catholic way. It is our vision to educate all the young children in our society and hope for a better future with Catholic leaders leading the way for our country.

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