Community Outreach Program Held by St. Stephen Catholic School

The students and faculty of St. Stephen Catholic School recently held a Community Outreach Program, which aims to help people living in remote areas and have no access to educational resources. The outreach program is an annual event which is a long-standing tradition at St. Stephen’s.

The aim of the program is to help out people in need of assistance and help them become more self-sufficient in the long run. Through this project, many communities have benefitted from programs launched during such outreach programs and are still sustainable and functioning to this day.

Another goal of the program is to teach young students the art of sharing and giving help to a community needing it. This inculcates in their young minds the virtue of charity which they should bring with them from their youth to their adulthood. Following this formula gives St. Stephen’s and the community a win-win situation.

Students are encouraged to donate old clothes, books, toys which children of the less fortunate very much needs. Others are also enjoined to donate food, bottled water, and medicines which these communities sorely need and are in lack of.

The act of giving should also “train” the students to think and evaluate their actions and how they appreciate what they have. This teaches them the lesson of valuing whatever gifts or talents why may have, and share those with people around them. This will also help develop their hidden talents and discover new ones in the process.

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