St. Stephen Catholic School Has New Chaplain

St. Stephen Catholic School welcomes a new school chaplain beginning this school year. Reverend Father Charlie Carbungco, S.J. was formerly a school chaplain at the Sicily Community Catholic School in Italy. He takes the place of Rev. Father Edward Longhorne, who moved to the Registrar’s Office in June.

Father Charlie has been around the globe, being a travelling chaplain. He visited most schools under the Jesuit system from Asia to Africa. This shows his dedication to education and the role of priests as “influencers” in the spiritual growth of young people everywhere.

Originally from Turkey, Father Charlie has a very outgoing personality, with a ready smile to greet you, whether you meet outside the church or at the cafeteria in school. This charm readily attracts anyone who comes close to Father Charlie. He hopes to bring the same jolly disposition and rub off some on his new wards at St. Stephen Catholic School.

As a travelling chaplain, he was once featured in the pages of Time Magazine as a nominee for Person of the Year back in 2009.

St. Stephen Catholic School is fortunate to have him in their midst, as he is seen as a positive influence no matter where he is and no matter the situation.

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