Choosing a Career

Ten Tips for Choosing a Career

1. Choose a career that keeps you passionate and going:

It is a lifetime choice that you make when you choose your path. Hence, choose something that you feel extremely passionate about and would look forward to doing it every day and with the best of your efforts and compassion.

Choosing a Career

2. Work should be fun. No matter how monotonous it sounds:

Any career will demand you to do certain tasks regularly. The monotony shouldn’t make it boring but rather should seem fun and interesting. Therefore, while choosing a career ensure it abides to your personal likes and dislikes.

3. A Career that embraces your qualities and enhances your strengths:

It is very important that your choice of profession adorns your personal qualities as a person. If you are interactive and have good oratory skills then choose the media. If you are good with administrative processes choose IAS or a become an Investment Banker. If you are a fitness freak become an instructor and so forth.  Your personal strengths should be enhanced in whatever you do.

4. Personal satisfaction over monetary satisfaction:

Money is important, necessary and useful but doesn’t matter much when put in comparison to personal satisfaction. Always give primary importance to your personal gains and only then comes your monetary gains.

5. Seek guidance when needed and not otherwise:

Guidance is essential but not mandatory. It is important for you to understand that you seek guidance when required and not always.  Further, look out for the right personnel. If you generalise it to anybody than you are bound to be misguided.

6. Consistently look out for probable options:

After all choosing a career path is not a one day job. It takes a while. Hold on to yourself, possess extreme patience until you find the right one. Look out for all the options available, research on the internet and interact with elders.  All of this gives you an idea of all the different professions and paths you can take.

7. Attend seminars and sessions:

Keep an eye for workshops on career guidance and attend seminars. They enhance your process and get you closer to your goal. These sessions are eye openers for many. You’ll probably come across aspects you never knew and it is possible that you change your opinion of your choices upside down for your own benefit.

8. A career that garners your personal motive and aim:

We all have landed here with a purpose. No profession makes sense if your mind alone is invested. It becomes mechanical and meaningless. It is very important to put your heart in what you do along with your mind.  Understand your values and beliefs and only then you can successfully achieve something meaningful.

9. A Practical approach:

Always watch out for something that is practically viable. This doesn’t mean you can’t make singing, dancing and other arts your profession. It means to take the closest practical path to achieve your goal successfully. For instance, if you want to pursue your life as a musician ensure you take formal education for that and not depend merely on evening classes. Accept your decision whole heartedly and do not venture into unprecedented multi-tasking and back-ups.

10. it’s your life. Do it your way:

At the end of it all, it is your life. Own up to your decision and take the plight and responsibility of anything you do. Risk factor prevails in everything we do. There are going to be certain challenges and thorns set on your path. Embrace them gracefully. Ultimately, success happens to you only when you rise above your failures.