Welcome New Teachers!

With the increasing number of students coming in each year, St. Stephen Catholic School has a need for more teachers to handle all the school’s requirements. This year, 3┬ánew teachers have been hired to augment the teaching staff. This addition will ensure that the student-teacher ratio is maintained at a certain level. This, in turn, will ensure a high quality of education which the school is known for.

Gert Wilhelm Mullinger

Mr. Gert Wilhelm Mullinger is a graduate of Brighton University with a degree in Psychology. He has previously taught at Downtown Abbey Prep School as a teacher of Religion. He has 3 years of experience as a teacher and is looking forward to contributing to St. Stephen immediately.

He is active in sports like soccer, rugby and swimming. He also enjoys video games and music during his spare time. He is the proud owner of a British Bulldog.


Mr. Timothy Bradford

Mr. Timothy James Bradford is the newest Physical Education teacher at St. Stephen Catholic School. He is a Physical Education Major at Sussex Community College, where he also taught Physical Education classes for 6 years. He was also an Assistant Coach of the High School soccer team, which won the Inter-School tournament for 3 straight years.

Aside from sports, Mr. Bradford loves writing poetry and is a member of the Friday Book Club.

Ms. Anna Kluminsky

Ms. Anna Nicole Kluminsky is a Bachelor in Education Major in Child Psychology graduate at Oxford University. She has no prior teaching experience as of yet. Previously, she worked as a Child Psychologist at the Londonberry Clinic in downtown London.

She will be part of the Psychology and Counselling Office, as well as act in the capacity of substitute teacher in the Kindergarten Department. She enjoys painting abstract art and is also a member of a church choir every Sunday.


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